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Emergency & Back-Up Elder Care for Faculty

Faculty Back Up Care

Even the best planned elder care arrangements can be disrupted from time to time.  If your provider is unavailable (due to illness or vacation), we offer the Back-Up Care Advantage (BUCA) Program to faculty to assist in navigating the competing demands of work and life. The BUCA Program provides in-home adult/elder care from credentialed in-home care agencies and trained caregivers. 

Available To

  • Faculty (including Clinical Educators)

Learn About This Service

Faculty, including clinical educators, can use BUCA when they need to be at work and their regular adult/elder care arrangements are unavailable. Here are some instances where BUCA can help:

  • When your regular caregiver or stay-at-home spouse is ill or temporarily unavailable
  • When you are between elder care arrangements
  • When your senior day care center is closed
  • To ease transition back into a regular work schedule when returning from leave
  • To accommodate changes in flexible work arrangements
  • Business travel
  • Other work/life issues that faculty and clinical educators may face

BUCA provides in-home adult/elder care from credentialed in-home care agencies and trained caregivers. All staff and in-home care agencies participate in a screening process.

For in-home dependent care, there is a $6 co-pay per hour, with a 4-hour minimum for all in-home care reservations. This benefit is available for a maximum of 10 days per fiscal year. Care options are available nationwide.

BUCA Resources

For more information or to register (registration is required before using this service):

Call 1-877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737)

Visit the Back Up-Care Advantage Website

In order to register for this service faculty members (including clinical educators) should log in using the information below.

Username: sucares

Password: 2011